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US election 2020: what could change under Biden?

The United States is today the only truly global power and that's the reason why the election have been such an important matter not only in the US but also all over the World. Under Trump's presidency, American policy took a decidedly different turn than Obama did previously. The main points touched on by Trump were characterized by an anti-immigration policy for which the Muslim and Latin American communities in particular paid the price. The former president also promised to place conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Under his presidency also relations with Russia have also deteriorated significantly. The recent elections marked a real change of direction for the politics of this country. Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, won the elections with 51% of the votes. Although it was not an overwhelming victory, it testifies to the will of the U.S. people to return to democratic and inclusive politics. Biden promises to be different, to reverse some of Trump's more controversial policies including on climate change, and to work more closely with America's allies. On China, he says he'll continue Trump's tough line on trade, theft of intellectual property and coercive trade practices by co-opting rather than bullying allies as Trump did. This change will therefore be crucial not only for American policy but also for that of all countries involved in political and economic relations with the United States.

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